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LAND: Will Rogers once famously said "buy land.....they aren't making anymore of it!" It turns out it's more than that.....Without it you can't build, if you can't build its game over.

How does a small builder compete?
New Home Team continues to meet and develop relationships with Commercial and Residential Developers in the Carolinas. We look for opportunities we feel are potentially viable for our Builder clients, whether that is big tracts of land with multiple Lots or Urban In Fill Opportunities we feel match a Builders Business Model. We are "Match makers " of sorts.

By partnering with New Home Team, you will run LAPS around your competition:

  • Leverage our developer relationships to provide current and future building lot opportunities
  • Allow for growth and expansion
  • Provide greater margins and profitability by acquiring lots while avoiding common pitfalls
  • Secure your future with access to our network of real estate developers and acquisition specialists